Works-in-Progress Wednesday (11/14/18)

Works-in-Progress Wednesday (11/14/18)

Y'all, I am having a hard time getting my engine running this morning! I just started Pot #2 of coffee... let's see how this goes.

Let's see... what's going on this week?

In ceramics, I'm painting more dragon mugs, I'm glazing the December mug of the month... I'm testing out a new way of glazing the tentacle mugs (think how I'm doing the dragon mugs - I'm painting one now that I can fire at the same time to see if it works like I want it to)... I'm thinking about next year and the "Mug of the Month"...

In soap, I am wrapping like a madwoman, in between coats of paint and glaze on ceramics. I've made so much soap - everything I'm making to restock I am making double of to get ready for GLAM in a few weeks - that it's taking me a while to wrap everything. My studio smells fantastic, though.

In yarn, absolutely nothing. I'm sorry, y'all. I know I need to dye Nagata, it's just that there's so much else going on. I had to make all that soap, and I can't make soap and dye yarn at the same time, and now I have to wrap all that soap but I also have lots of ceramics, and... hey, perhaps my Shop Elf could clone itself so I have two or three of them....! That'd be helpful!

In Patreon, thank you so much for people who have commented on the last chapter. It means more to me than you know - that scene was tough to write. I can't wait until the December installment! Meanwhile, there are other things over on Patreon that are supporter-access only, like recommendations and advice columns and the occasional poll or questions.

In knitting, I did NOT start knitting a poncho... hey, look over there! It's Superman! **runs away**

In business in general, I'm gearing up for Black Friday/Cyber Monday. My website host has "helpfully" put a countdown ticker-tape thing on the back end of my website so every time I go there I see how many days away it is and a list of things I should be doing to promote it, including running sales and daily emails and all those other schmoozy things that just make me want to cry. There are times I'm not a very good businesswoman and times when I'm supposed to put myself front and center so I can get your hard-earned holiday shopping money may just be the thing I'm the worst at. That and elevator pitches. ANYWAY. I do have a plan, sort of like last year, the 25 Days of Giftmas, I just need to do up some graphics for it and then I can talk about it.

In other things... we're getting a new roof on the house here at Camp HaldeCon, a nice tin roof that may in fact outlive the house. I can not wait for the first rain - one of my favorite sounds is rain on a tin roof. That's about it outside of work this week.

OK; that's about all I have time for. The second pot of coffee is kicking in, and I need to go wrap some soap. How's your week? What are you working on? What's going on with you?

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