Works-in-Progress Wednesday (11/16/16)

Works-in-Progress Wednesday (11/16/16)

What are you working on this week?


My primary focus this week is ceramics. I've got a couple of pieces that will finish drying today and then I'll get them in the kiln and bisque fire tomorrow, and I'll probably be firing at least twice a week from now through the middle of December. Primarily this will be things for two shows I'm doing, but I'll work on restocks as well, as needed. I've also released a new cabled yarn mug (it holds 20 ounces, y'all!) and after this bisque firing I'll have some Police Call Box mugs to get glazed and restocked in the shop.

In soap, I still need to finish wrapping some guest soaps, but I did get some restocks of regular sized bars made, wrapped, and listed. I don't think I'm out of any soap right now...? But if so, I'll be making some the end of November/first of December and while that will be primarily geared towards the craft shows I'm doing, I will of course restock the online shop as I can.

In yarn, I've just gotten November yarn club out the door this week (which means spots are open in the next round of club, Jan-March), and I'm trying to fit in minutes here and there to wind all the yarn I dyed before taking a mini vacation. I would love to have those up and listed by this Friday, but since I woke up with a horrible sore throat and congestion this morning, I'm not sure how much work I'm going to be able to get done the rest of the week. Ugh. Pass the box of tissues, please.

And I've revamped the online shop - I haven't gotten any feedback, so either it's so seamless everyone is happy, or it's so wonky, nobody wants to say anything to me. Hopefully the first!

That's about it... even though I woke up sick this morning, I need to run to the clay shop in Jacksonville so I can get more clay... and that means I need to get out the door here pretty soon. What about y'all? How is your week going? What are you working on?

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