Works-in-Progress Wednesday (11/30/16)

Works-in-Progress Wednesday (11/30/16)

What are you working on this week? I'm getting ready for GLAM on Sunday, and everything that I'm doing this week has some sort of relationship to that.


Sunday, I started off the day with making approximately 100 tubes and tins of lip balm. I need to get those labeled – probably won’t happen until I’m done with all soap (of which I made about 20 bars on Sunday, to go with the 20 I made Saturday), unless I bring it all into the house and label it while watching TV and “relaxing” after dinner. I’m hoping to bring the lip balms to GLAM, but if I can’t get them labeled in time I’ll definitely have them for Big Bang Bazaar. I also got one full coat of glaze on a table full of bisque, in prep for one of three firings this week. I'd also started loading the kiln for a bisque fire on Saturday, so I topped that off and set it to fire Monday.

Monday, I got a lot done, but I had to go back to work for about an hour after dinner to get it all accomplished. I got the last two coats of glaze on my table of bisque, and also bisque fired the kiln again. I got six skeins of yarn wound, which doesn’t sound like much but it’s six more than I’ve gotten wound all week. I have about another 15 to go. I got about 40 bars of soap made, and got the 40 I made over the weekend shrink-wrapped. After dinner I came back to the studio and printed out and cut all the soap labels I’ll need for all the soap, shrink-wrapped or still drying. During the day I also answered some email, ordered some supplies, took care of social media, fixed two problems on the website, and cooked dinner. And I did my laundry, although it’s still sitting in the dryer, unloved and gathering wrinkles.

Tuesday, I started off by unloading the bisque kiln and immediately putting everything that I’d finished glazing Monday in the kiln. Then I loaded up the glaze table with the bisque from the firing that was going to be glazed with Cone 06 glazes, and got to work. In between rounds of glaze drying, I also wrapped soap. Which is just as dull and time-consuming as it sounds. I also got all of the soap I made Monday out of the molds and set it to drying … which it didn’t want to do because of the high humidity, so I wound up shutting the doors to the studio and turning the AC on, to try to dry out the air. I had so many glazes out and about on my table that I took the time to try to organize them a little better when putting them away. We'll see how that goes in the long run... sometimes I organize things and then a month later wonder what I was smoking because I don't seem to have put them in any kind of order whatsoever.

Today I've already started firing the kiln I filled yesterday, and my plans for the day include glazing more bisque for a Cone 5 firing, and wrapping more soap. And by golly getting that yarn wound because I need to pack some of it to bring to GLAM with me! My setup at GLAM this year will be two tables and two tall shelves, so I'm thinking that with two tables I probably have room for four bins of yarn, not just two, like last year. So I need to decide what I'm going to bring. Handspun gets a lot of interest but doesn't sell very well, so I'm thinking of one sock, a sport, a DK, and a worsted....

ANYWAY. That's me, this week. Planning for GLAM. What about y'all? What are you working on? How are your holiday plans going?

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