Yarn Club Inspiration (July 2024)

Yarn Club Inspiration (July 2024)

It's almost time to warm up the dye pots for this month's Club Yarn! What will yarn club look like this month? Here's the inspiration picture! The colorway might be any of one or a blend of two different colors/shades found in this picture.

Now is the time, if you're in the Patreon side of club, to tell me if you'd like to change base yarns - I have most everyone in Patreon down for sock but if you want to change that going forward, let me know and I'll switch things around! You can get Andre or Tiptree (sock weight, and it's dyers choice on that because sometimes it might depend on which base yarn I'm having trouble getting), Joy (sport weight), Lynn (DK weight), or Tepper (worsted weight).

Not in yarn club? Want to be? There are two ways.

The first way -

On Patreon; for $30/month you get the yarn (including shipping), and access to patron-only posts. Or for $50, you get the yarn (including shipping), a postcard, and access to patron-only posts and my fiction. Because most of the tallying on that is done by hand, I've limited it to the standard bases; Andre, Joy, Lynn, Tepper, or Tiptree. There are many reasons why I moved it to Patreon years ago but the biggest one is that unlike my online shop, Patreon offered recurring billing, so that I wouldn't have to charge everyone for everything all at once, in three-month intervals (because I didn't want to charge someone more than about three months and have their money tied up for ages).

Cosmic Makers


The only benefit this tier receives is a hand-dyed skein of yarn, once a month*.

While this tier will be able to read open/public posts, and non-fiction Patron-only posts, it will not include access to the serialized story, or any other Patron Benefits such as postcards or Discord chats.

Solar Systems


- everything that Shooting Stars, Comets, Planets, and Stars get

- one skein of yarn per month. Colors will range between semi-solids and multi-colors. This includes shipping.

Sign up before the last day of the month, and your card will be charged after the 1st; yarn ships around the 20th.  You can cancel or change tiers at any time by logging into Patreon and making those changes yourself.

The second way -

I can finally offer Yarn Club on my online shop again, HaldeCraft, as a recurring subscription! Think "that big online place's Subscribe and Save" model. You can either buy into it once, to get an idea of what club is like, OR you can subscribe to it, get 15% off the base you choose (that's right, you can choose from ALL HaldeCraft bases), and cancel or change your subscription at any time via your customer account dashboard. This is a great option for someone who wants a different base yarn, or is uncomfortable or unfamiliar with the Patreon model.

I usually dye yarn between the 15th-20th of the month, and club is mailed out between the 20th-25th. I am just one person, though, so if life gets in the way and I'm running a few days late, I'll post here about it. But you can join any time, in either location! Patreon will charge you on the 1st of the month, so there might be a delay depending on when you sign up (for example, if you sign up on the 15th, you won't be charged until the 1st, and that month that you get charged will be Month #1). My website, HaldeCraft, will charge you when you sign up, no matter what date it is, and your club will start that month, when you are charged.

Hopefully this is pretty self-explanatory, but if not, please - drop your questions in the comments! And thanks, y'all!

PS. Yarnies on Patreon - if you're interested in switching over to the club on HaldeCraft (it will always be the same color no matter where you're signed up), please feel free to! It won't change anything about this month (if you choose a different base yarn) but will start next month.

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