Yarn Club May - July 2017

Yarn Club May - July 2017

There's only about three weeks left to get into this next round of yarn club!

Many years ago, a regular customer brought her aging, blind chihuahua into the yarn shop. Of course I fell in love, and had to make a yarn colorway for him.

This round of club will be similar to that; colorways inspired by pets who have touched our hearts. Spots will be open from March 1st through April 30th (or until sold out, whichever comes first) and the first shipment goes out in May. Below, you can see an inspirational picture… perhaps a colorway or two is hidden in the collage…?

HaldeCraft offers unique options for yarn clubs! Three months at a time, three times a year, with choices between fingering and worsted weight -- there’s something appealing for every crocheter and knitter here. Exclusive club colorway inspiration has been found in beloved literature, mythology, and science fiction and fantasy.

** PLEASE NOTE** There are four different options of club. I’ve had to limit the number of swag options and that means a couple of changes. While there are a large number of spots available for both sock and worsted weight yarn ($65), there are now a very limited number of spots available in both those weights with swag ($80). Each option gets you three skeins of yarn in the weight of your choice; one each sent in January, February, and March (club ships on approximately the 15th of the month, although I do try to get International packages in the mail a week before that, so that hopefully all yarn arrives at close to the same time). If you are opting for swag, and have sensitivities or allergies, please note those in the comment section when completing your purchase (IE, “I would like unscented if the swag is soap or hand lotion” or “I am allergic to peppermint”). Base yarns (which I usually can’t predict perfectly as it may depend on what is available when I place my order) consist of two standard base yarns and one luxury yarn.

Let’s talk about shipping!

Shipping prices vary with location; while you can now get real-time carrier shipping prices for both USPS and FedEx, you unfortunately can’t see those prices until entering the checkout process (you can back out of or cancel before finishing the checkout process at that point). Each month, even with swag, usually weighs less than 13 ounces (normally around 9 ounces) and my preferred shipping for that is USPS First Class, which is roughly $3.50/month for Domestic and $13.50/month for Canada (USPS just raised their rates astronomically, and the UK is also about $13-$18, and Australia, about $15-$20). If you have any questions about pricing please feel free to drop me a line, with your zip code or country, and I can use the online USPS shipping calculator to get you an approximate price.

If you’re International and the shipping rate is holding you back from purchasing immediately, I completely understand. I would love to work with you on this as much as possible -- drop me a line with what country you’re in and I will research the best shipping rates for you. Also to consider? Without swag is cheaper, because it’s the lighter of the two options, if you’re on the fence about swag vs. no swag. I can also mail all three shipments at one time, if that gets you a better shipping rate; we can definitely discuss this. I know shipping costs are burdensome, and I appreciate my International friends who have stuck with me through the USPS rate increases.

Local pickup at my studio in Keystone Heights is available; I will contact you with my address, directions, and we can discuss a mutually agreeable day for you to come to the studio.

Thanks, y'all! Don't forget, you can find yarn club here.

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