Fresh from the HaldeKiln


Why is it that out of seventeen pieces, only one of them is not "perfect" -- but then I don't even see the other sixteen? All I see is the one Teacher mug, and the paint that ran on it. 

I don't see the five custom order yarn mugs and how happy they turned out; I don't see the crazy Pumpkin Spice and Tangerine snack mugs that is going to make some orange lover very, very happy;  I don't see the spinning wheel planter that I labored on (the mold is much harder to pour than I thought it would be, and I've made five but lost three of them taking them out of the mold). All I see is the one Teacher mug... that you shall see, soon, as well... in the sale section. Along with the other one I made a while ago that has similar issues that I've just never listed. I've about had it with those Teacher mugs -- I have two left in bisque and they may wind up being solid colors. 

Really, though, it was a lovely kiln firing, and I am especially pleased with the custom order yarn mugs!

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