This Week in HaldeCraft

This week in HaldeCraft

1. Afternoon Skies in Octavia
2. Ancient Sedona scented soap in a Celtic Square design
3. Basil scented soap in a Cattail and Dragonfly design
4. Basil scented soap in a Green Man design
5. Blackberry scented soap in a Longevity Knot design
6. Caramel flavored Beeswax lip balm (tin)
7. Margarita flavored Beeswax lip balm (tin)
8. Mint flavored Beeswax lip balm (tin)
9. Mint flavored Beeswax lip balm (tube)
10. Pretty in Pink in Octavia
11. Slightly imperfect large green African Violet pot - already sold! Victory to the swift!
12. Slightly imperfect Mermaid wall hanging
13. Slightly imperfect small green African Violet pot
14. Slightly imperfect cat-inside surprise mug
15. The 40s Have Called in Octavia
16. The 80s Have Called in Octavia

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