Fresh from the HaldeKiln


Well, I was really happy with this firing, until I dropped the red teardrop shaped dish. "I can carry all this," I said to myself, picking up five things and balancing them while I opened the door. "No I can't," I replied to myself, as the red one on top of my precarious pile tumbled off and shattered on the ground.

At least I didn't drop everything else trying to grab and save it!

I have a couple more soup mugs (the light brown ones need a little touch-up work) and I will be dividing the rest between my other two online shops, on Wild Iris and Etsy. And I finally have a couple more bathtub soap dishes! Expect to see those for sale in the next week(ish). 

Funny story -- the whole time I was painting that blue yarn bowl (two different colors, about six hours of work per color) I kept thinking "I am pretty sure I already have one in blue. I'm pretty sure I should make this in orange." And I would go back to the studio and look around, and no, I only had one in pink. I must have done this three times. Today, while carrying these back to put on the shelf...? What do I see RIGHT UNDERNEATH the pink one? Another blue one. Sigh. I meant to do that. Right? Every move is carefully planned.

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