Fresh from the HaldeKiln

 Monday was my every-other-week bisque kiln firing, and as you can see it turned out well, if random. If you didn't know there was a method to what I poured, you'd think I was just pulling molds off the shelf blindly. 

Madonnas. Mugs. Soap dishes. More tiny birds than you can shake a stick at. But mostly, yarn mugs. I counted and looked over my custom order list and theoretically, barring any horrific accidents, I should be done pouring all of the custom order yarn mugs in eight more weeks. That's only two months! What a crazy six months it's been...

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I would totally love to be a Jill of All Trades art, moievs, music, writing, etc. Right now I’m going to school for visual art, and I’m thinking about photography as a major but we’ll see what happens. I try to draw inspiration from things I enjoy, music I’m listening to, and other people/artists around me. Sometimes it bothers me if I draw to much outside myself, but being in “art school” mode is creatively draining as well so I’m kind of hanging in the balance with my own endeavors. That’s probably more than you care to know about. hahahah.


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