HaldeCraft restocks (and new products) at Wild Iris Books

 Yesterday I brought in a couple of new things and also a lot of restocks (primarily lip balm) into Wild Iris Books --

HaldeCraft at Wild Iris Books

I said to myself before I left to bring everything, "don't forget to bring your real camera, so you can take a bunch of nice pictures." Did I do that, though? No, of course not. So you get this one, and I posted a couple more on Facebook. Sigh. Next week I will bring in my real camera!

Meanwhile, I'm working on getting everything that I have for sale there in the store, up on their online shop as well. Buying my things over there (either online or in the shop in person) as opposed to here still supports me, but also supports one of the two remaining locally owned bookstores in Gainesville and the only feminist bookstore left in the state of Florida. Are you local? If you buy something off my shop here, choose "pickup" and I can deliver it to you at Wild Iris (802 West University Avenue). Come in and see what they have, and grab a cuppa at Cafe Colette at the same time!

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