Fresh from the HaldeKiln

 I can't even tell you how happy I am with this week's firing - every time I look at this picture I just start to bounce up and down like a little girl. 

LOOK AT THOSE BERRY BASKETS. Just look at them. 

I will wait while you continue to look at them. And bounce up and down like a little girl. 

I have five more to glaze and fire this week, and then I'm going to put them all up for sale. There will be eight different colors, and I will have one of each color up for sale here, three of what I hope will be the best colors at Wild Iris Books, and one lone color on Etsy. I usually fire on Fridays, so it will be a week before I have the next batch - look for them the week of June 11th!

There were also a few custom orders in this firing, and I'm thankfully happy with all of them. 

But mostly I am over the moon about those darling berry baskets! 

Oh -- and I almost forgot; Backup Dog begged to be in the photo shoot this week. So here she is. Everyone, meet Backup Dog! Backup Dog, meet everyone!

Backup Dog shows off the kilns

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LOL, indeed! OK, you know how you have a dog, and that dog gets really old? Well – and keep in mind I have a dark sense of humor by nature – but I don’t like an Old Dog to live alone, because if the Old Dog erm… leaves the party, then you have to get a Replacement Dog. And a Replacement Dog can be sad to have, because you spend time having to train the New Dog to do a lot of the great things the Old Dog used to do. So instead, when my dogs get to be about ten years old, I get a Backup Dog. That way the Old Dog has time to help train the New Dog, and (hopefully) impart some good traits and doggy wisdom while they’re still young enough to not get irritated by a younger dog. ;-)


ok, i’ll bite, why “backup” dog? lol!


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