Fresh from the HaldeKiln

 Squeee! The last of the berry baskets!

Today is rather overcast (plus I have social obligations most of the day) so I don't know that today, unfortunately, will be the best of days for photographing. I have a few hours free in the afternoon, so if it's bright and sunny I will run off to the market and get a lot of fresh fruit for a fun and tasty photo session. If not, it'll have to be tomorrow (come rain or shine, because I want to list these on Monday)! 

That got me thinking about what fruit to get for the photo shoot, which got me thinking about raspberries because I have some raspberry lip balm to photograph, and that got me thinking about coconut because we ate the coconut I was going to use for another coconut lip balm photo shoot, and that reminds me that I need to make cupcakes for a buttercream lip balm photo shoot. And now I'm hungry!

But none of that will tell you about the rest of the ceramics in this kiln firing. At first glance I'm happy with everything -- especially those "good morning" mugs. The birds sometimes have a tendency to fall off the handle, slide down the side of the mug, and fuse to the bottom of the mug during firings, and that did not happen this time. Whew! 

OK; I keep thinking about raspberries, and buttercream icing on cupcakes, so clearly I need to stop writing and go eat something. Have a great weekend, y'all!

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