This Week in HaldeCraft

 Once more catching up on a lot of soap, and also a few items that have recently cycled through on Etsy and are being "re-listed" for good over here. Well, for good, until they sell!

This Week in HaldeCraft
1. Afternoon Skies in Nalo
2. Brunette Girl in a Green Dress Figurine
3. Cattial and Dragonfly soap in Wood Violet & Maple and Woodberry
4. Cedar scented peace symbol guest soaps
5. Floral Leaf soap in Woodberry, Wood Violet & Maple, and Sweetgrass
6. Green Man soap in Sandalwood Vanilla, Spiced Mahogany, and Wood Violet & Maple
7. Honey Lovers soap set
8. Irish Coffee in Nalo
9. Maple Sugar scented soap in a Longevity Knot design
10. Monkey Fart scented soap in a Fire Truck design
11. Pink Cloud fat bottom mug
12. Pink pair of mugs
13. Pretty in Pink in Andre
14. Pretty in Pink in Nalo
15. Sandalwood Vanilla scented soap in a Celtic Knotwork design
16. Sweetgrass scented soap in a Southwest Bear design
17. Victorian Figurine
18. Virgin Mary of the Flowers
19. Virgin Mary of the Flowers (large)
20. Weathered Wood in Tepper

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