Etsy Treasury Tuesday (on Wednesday): Soaps

 I know, I know; it's Wednesday. I have to come clean -- when I was doing this on my old blog, I would have a draft folder, and add to the draft whenever I was included in a treasury. I'd pre-date all the drafts to publish on Tuesdays, changing the dates so that they all didn't go on the same Tuesday. This blog doesn't have a draft feature, so I have to remember to post on Tuesdays. Clearly I am strong at remembering. (I did think about it yesterday, telling myself as I was having my coffee, "don't forget to do this later today after you wake up!" Sigh. Welcome to my human-ness.)

Clicking on the photo will take you to the item; clicking on the link will take you to the treasury. 

Treasury: Flower Power

Treasury: Gainesville, Florida locals Part 2

Treasury: Milk and Honey

Treasury: Little House Love

Treasury: Gone Bananas

Thanks, y'all!

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