Fresh from the HaldeKiln


I am so in love with that coffee grinder plaque I may not even want to sell it! 

Also, here is one finished "Give us this day our daily bread" plate (mentioned previously here). I want to make a couple more before I put this one up for sale, mostly because I have asked That Poor Man to make some bread for my photo shoot, and I don't want him to keep having to make bread (that I then keep having to eat). Wait... why would I *not* want that?! 

Other than that.... I'm a little disappointed in the yellow soap dish; it slipped during firing and wedged itself between two of the stilts and then fused to them. I had to break the dish on the bottom in order to salvage the stilt. That means I need to make another one before putting that up for sale. And you can see a couple more African Violet pots -- those will be listed next week! Yay!

Thanks, y'all!

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LOL! Cats. So “helpful”… and by “helpful” I mean “not really helpful at all…”!


That bread plate would be perfect for my Fall wheat sheaf decor! Now…how do I convince my cats to not try to eat my wheat, so I can put it on a table – rather than a tall obscured surface? :)


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