This Week in HaldeCraft

Primarily ceramics this week, with a few restocks of sold-out soaps. I have a lot brewing in the ceramic department so that will be primarily what I list over the next two or three weeks. Don't be sad, yarn lovers; some other weeks have been mostly for you. And I'm almost done with this round of sock club, so expect restocks and a new colorway or two to show up soon!

This Week in HaldeCraft

1. Cattail and Dragonfly soap in Nag Champa, Cucumber Melon, and Black Amber & Lavender
2. Coaster ashtray in Eternal Galaxy
3. Coaster ashtray in Sailor's Delight
4. Cucumber Melon scented soap in a Longevity Knot design
5. Floral Leaf soap in Lavender and Black Amber & Lavender
6. Large African Violet pot in Sagebrush
7. Lost in the Woods scented soap in a Green Man design
8. Oval ashtray in Harvest Brown
9. Oval ashtray in Sailor's Delight
10. Pair of stoneware-like mugs in Fudge Marble Brown over Mediterranean Olive
11. Pair of stoneware-like mugs in Sagebrush over Sage Green
12. Pair of stoneware-like mugs in Sailor's Delight over Sand
13. Platform ashtray in Outer Space
14. Platform ashtray in Sailor's Delight
15. Small African Violet pot in Sagebrush
16. Soup mugs in Sand Diego (set of two)

In addition this week, I've added the ability to add reviews to products. I'm not 100% sold on the layout of it (no matter how many times I change the colors on the back end, it's still white and blue when I look at it on the page)... and of course I won't really know if I like it, and if y'all like it, until people start adding reviews or not. You should be able to add reviews to a product to matter if you bought it here, or on Etsy.

Lastly, I'm contemplating nomenclature; over on Etsy, they strongly encouraged you to make the first three words of the title different in order to better show up in Etsy Search. In other words, if you had five sets of snack mugs, you would have a better chance of them being found if you began each title with the color (different) rather than the item (same). Now that I'm not dependent on Etsy search, I'm reevaluating that with feedback from friends and customers. I mean, really, when you think of it, it makes sense; people probably search for snack mugs more than they search for the colorway Pumpkin Spice... at least when they're glancing down an alphabetical list of items. So if you're looking around at categories, you may see a few that aren't set up like the others. If you have feedback, I'm happy to hear it. Otherwise, expect most ceramic categories to eventually be worked over to list the name of the item first, rather than the color. Soap categories I'm already happy with, as sorted by fragrance name, and also yarn categories sorted by colorway name. But again, I'm happy to listen to your feedback!

Thanks, y'all!

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