Fresh from the HaldeKiln

 If it seems I've been a firing fool lately, you would not be mistaken. It's a combination of having a few new molds I want to try out, catching up on things, and also moving my weekly glaze firings from Friday to Wednesday*. 

YARN BOWLS!!!! I will be listing those this afternoon, so expect them on the site by lunchtime or just after. Also a couple more African Violet pots, and a sewing machine planter that is slightly defective and will be able to be found in the sale section next week. Overall, even with the sewing machine slightly tilted on the top of the base, I'm very happy with this firing, and wish I had time today to list ALL THE THINGS!

*If you're curious, it takes eight hours for a glaze firing and nine for a bisque firing. I can fire overnight if I have to, but I prefer to fire during the day -- and I like to be home for it. Sure, the kiln has never caught on fire yet, but... you never know. I just like to be home. And we have had, in stormy season, a few power outages that have resulted in kiln rebooting, and I sure was glad I was home then! Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are the only days that I'm home during the day for a stretch of time that will allow me to fire the kiln without getting up at Yucky O'Clock to start the kiln (which I will do, if I have to... but if I don't have to?). I already bisque fire the kiln every other Monday, and I need to glaze fire every week, not every other week -- so that leaves Wednesday and Friday. I had been firing on Fridays but lately have had lunch invites on Friday, and that means rearranging the kiln firing so that I can go be social. I KNOW! A social life? I'd almost forgotten what some of my friends look like! 

Anyway. Thanks for reading, y'all!

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