This Week in HaldeCraft

 Whew! What a great week - such a wonderful mix this week of new things and things that have already sold out here on my new shop that I'm restocking. Plus a couple of things I listed at Wild Iris, and a small handful of things moved over from Etsy. Things! Lots of things! MUST TELL YOU ABOUT ALL THE THINGS! So... without further ado, here they are!

This Week in HaldeCraft

1. Bay Rum scented soap in a Celtic Square design - new design for a favorite fragrance.
2. Berry Basket in Blueberry Spice - back in stock!
3. Berry Basket in Cornmeal Yellow - back in stock!
4. Berry Basket in Cranberry Red - back in stock!
5. Berry Basket in Royal Purple - back in stock!
6. Berry Basket in Spiced Cream - back in stock!
7. Black Cat welcome sign - at Wild Iris
8. Dragonfly candle holder in Leaf Green - back in stock!
9. Fruity Rum Drink scented soap in a Flamingo design - new, limited edition soap
10. Green Man soap in Forest Pine (a new fragrance) and Pear & Redwood (a new shape for a favorite fragrance)
11. Grooved Bar soap in Ancient Sedona (back in stock) and Spiced Mahogany (new!)
12. Handspun yarn - 70% Merino/30%Seacell - new!
13. Irish Coffee in Zelazny - moved over from Etsy
14. Kentish Rain scented soap in a Cattail and Dragonfly design - back in stock!
15. Large African Violet pot in Fudge Marble - new!
16. Large African Violet pot in Royal Purple - new!
17. Longevity Knot soap in Fresh Linens (back in stock) and Kentish Rain (a new shape for an old favorite)
18. Neapolitan in Octavia - moved over from Etsy
19. Neapolitan in Tepper - moved over from Etsy
20. Neapolitan in Zelazny - moved over from Etsy
21. Patchouli scented soap in a Yarn and Knitting Needle design - moved over from Etsy
22. Rosemary Mint gift set - new!
23. Sewing Machine planter (slightly imperfect) - new, and in the sale section
24. Shell soap dish in Mediterranean Olive - back in stock!
25. Snack mug in Pumpkin Spice and Walnut Brown - a new set, and y'all are lucky I put this up there (I was close to keeping them)!
26. Snack mugs in Fudge Marble and Walnut Brown - back in stock!
27. Sock Club (Sept-Nov) - hooooray, sock club!!!
28. Sock Monkey in Zelazny - moved over from Etsy
29. Soup mugs - at Wild Iris
30. The 40s Have Called in Zelazny - moved over from Etsy

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