Fresh from the HaldeKiln


I am so excited about this week's firing! What is not to love about this picture? A hippo planter! Adorable owl mugs! A pinecone plaque to match the acorn plaque (which means I can now list them both).... and my favorite, the end of the custom orders for yarn mugs. I have been making about two a week for the last ten months, and I do love them, don't get me wrong, but I am so tired of looking at them. I need to step back from them for a while and breathe. I am not taking any more custom orders on them for the rest of the year, so that I can get some up and made for general sale. Expect to see some listed by about late October!

(Did I mention that hippo planter? He is killing me with cuteness! I just had the most fun photo shoot with him out in the front yard (and now the guy who lives across the street from me thinks I'm even more nuts....). 

Thanks, y'all!

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