This Week in HaldeCraft

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This Week in HaldeCraft

1. Hippo soap dish - already sold but will be restocked! Victory to the swift!
2. Hogtown in Tepper - back in stock
3. Hogtown Special in Tiptree - single skein, one-time offering (unless enough people clamor to make it a regular colorway)
4. Lavender Lemon lip balm - orginally I had planned on making this a limted edition item, but have been swayed by customer requests and am bringing it in as a regular item!
5. Messy yarn mug in Caramel Brown - back in stock
6. Messy yarn mug in Miami Pink - back in stock
7. Messy yarn mug in Peacock - new color!
8. Owl soap dish and tumbler set in Mediterranean Olive - back in stock
9. Owl soap dish and tumbler set in White - back in stock
10. Owl soap dish in Baby Blue - back in stock
11. Owl soap dish in Leaf Green - back in stock
12. Owl soap dish in Mediterranean Olive - back in stock
13. Owl soap dish in Miami Pink - new color!
14. Platform ashtray in Waterfall Blue - new color!
15. Seaworthy in Marion - back in stock
16. Seaworthy in Octavia - back in stock

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