Fresh from the HaldeKiln

 One thing that makes bisque firing different than glaze firing is that greenware-to-bisque pieces can touch (glazed pieces can not - otherwise they'd fuse together). What that means is that yesterday's kiln firing was one of, if not THE, most packed firings I've ever done. 

There is something for everyone in this one -- or at least, there will be, after I get things glazed and fired. With this much it'll be three weeks or more before everything gets done. 

Gator planters. Ashtrays. Another hippo soap dish. Virgins Mary. Mugs. Soup bowls. Cat soap dishes. Owl jewelry boxes. BABY MERMAIDS.

That's right; baby mermaids. 

I will wait while you recover from the cute. 

Man, oh, man... I can't wait to get started painting and glazing some of these! But I can't, until I clean off my work surface, which is filled with enough glazed pieces to fill the kiln already... which I will go and do now, so I can fire the kiln again tomorrow. I know. It's like Christmas!

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