Fresh from the HaldeKiln

 This week doesn't look like too much, but those African Violet pots take up more space than you think (you have to set the two pieces apart; you can't fire them with the one inside the other, or the glaze will run and they'll fuse together). So... quantity-wise this firing may not look like much, but QUALITY-wise?!?!

A nice little restock of right-handed "good morning" mugs (the right-handed mugs are more popular than the left-handed ones... go figure!)... some small African Violet pots... kittens with yarn... and the mushroom plaques! I love them! I was going to list them next week, but... er... I may want to keep them. Which is silly, because I make them. I can always make myself another set!

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You and I have very similar tastes, Saffy! I will be making some of those plaques for myself, to keep, heh.

You should send me a picture or drawing of your D&D character, and I can tell you whether or not it would be easy for me to do!


I love the mushroom plaques (and the acorn and pine cone…)!

Also…I never thought about painting the Virgin Mary like my D&D character (who, in our campaign, is now the Fey Leige of the Autumn Court – and is also patron to one of my players)…but this one is very close!


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