And the winner is.... Buttercream!


We have a winner from this last round of sock club! It was a tough one this round. For the first week of voting it was a three-way tie. Then it was a two-way tie between Summer Storms and Buttercream for the rest of the month. Yesterday we had a tie-breaking vote, and Buttercream it is! This was the May colorway, so look for it to appear in the shop in November!

..... iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin addition.....! Long time HaldeCraft followers will remember None of your Beeswax, the September 2011 colorway. Cranberries was chosen from that round, as the color to be released. However, Beeswax is by far the colorway I get the most questions about, and after deep consideration and talking with as many people from that round of club as I could get in touch with... I've decided to make an amendment to the club. After a year, if there is particularly high demand, select colorways may be released to the public with the approval of the membership of that Club. Everyone in that round of club that I spoke with unanimously agreed to let None of your Beeswax be released, so what that means is that starting in September, the following could be yours --

I do love a good yellow

I know. Yellow-lovers are rejoicing everywhere. Buttercream, and Beeswax. Two of the loveliest yellows around, and coming soon!

Thanks, y'all! You don't know how much your support means to me!

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