Fresh from the HaldeKiln


Twenty-three items in this firing; I'm unhappy with five of them. There's a red spot (don't even know HOW it got there, nothing else in the entire firing is red!) on one of the light-bulb vases. The pink baby shoe planter has some spots where the glaze didn't take at all, so it'll need to be redone and fired again. One of the white cat soap dishes has a gray spot on it. And one of the gray owl jewelry boxes doesn't seem to want to close nicely. Oh, and the glaze cracked on one the white bathtub soap dishes and it'll not be good for anything other than photo shoots.

What is it about an artists temperament that makes one feel that because of those five problem pieces, the entire firing is a wash? I mean, look at those four perfect alligator planters! And three fabulous and creepy gargoyle incense burners! And two beautiful ashtrays! Sigh. 

Do you, reader, do anything creative? Cook? Paint? Draw? Quilt? What helps you when you feel that your work is sub-standard?

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Awww, I’m glad I could bring that back! :-)


My mom had a similar baby shoe planter when I was little (I assume she still does). First time I’ve thought about it in years. :)


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