Sneak peek - HaldeMugs!

I hesitate to say this before I have 100% finished them, but it looks like these are going to work out --

Works in progress

Yesterday I painted a Shimmer Pink logo on a white travel mug and a Shimmer Purple logo on a gray wave-top mug. Later today I'll bake them in the oven and wash off the red from the transfer paper, then I'll take pictures.

At the risk of over-complicating both my brain as far as what to provide, and the customers brain in what to order, I'm trying to keep it pretty limited at first. This is where my new online ship SHINES over Etsy; I was able to do one listing per style of mug, and give it some drop-down menus that include three different colors, four different logo colors, and either no slogan, or a choice between two slogans.

Styles of mugs with my logos on them will include the wave-top mug (most of you know it as the mug I slap a bird onto and call my "good morning" mug) and a travel mug (previously seen here at Wild Iris).

Both mugs will be available in White, Banana yellow (a satin/matte glaze, so not glossy), or Gray Spice. The logos will be available in Black, Pink Shimmer, Purple Shimmer, or Red. In addition, for a WHOLE DOLLAR EXTRA I will paint on the opposite side from the logo, a catch-phrase; either "Made with love and other good stuff" or "Crafting since birth; drinking since noon". Awwwww yeah.

You'll be able to find the listings for these two mugs here; I've gone ahead and made the listings (yesterday, when I had time, since I didn't know how difficult it was going to be) and I'll be adding photos late today or tomorrow (and more photos in different color combinations as orders come in).

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