This Week in HaldeCraft

 For a week when I thought I was crazy-busy, it doesn't appear that I've uploaded a lot (although I can tell you that a good portion of two days was spent wrapping and labeling the new Soapmaker's Favorite set)!

This Week in HaldeCraft1. Cow Skull planter - new in the shop (and I hope to bring out a "sugar skull" style one by October at the latest)
2. Hippo planter in Lava Slate Gray - sold out and restocked!
3. Maple Leaf soap in Maple Sugar, Maple Walnut Fudge, Vanilla Maple Pecan, and Wood Violet & Maple - all new in the shop in this seasonal design
4. Mermaid wall hanging - new in the shop!
5. Round starter planter in Iced Mint - new color!
6. Soapmaker's Favorite (set of ten guest-sized sample soaps) - I'd sold out of my previous set; this is the new version!

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