Works-in-Progress Wednesday

 Here's a little video for you mermaid lovers -- at this point in the process I have painted, glazed, and fired them, and am now using a new technique I've been practicing to overpaint the glaze. 

After I finished this, they had to sit for 24 hours. Then they go in a regular oven, 35 minutes at 300-degrees. That bakes on the paint into the glaze, and after they cool down they are good to go!


Glazing yarn mugs


Painting mermaids

Wrapping soap

Pouring greenware


Painting mushroom plaques


  • It’s funny you should say that, because sometimes I pull things out of the kiln and all I can see is something that’s gone wrong… a little splash, a place where the paint dripped or spread out farther than I thought I painted… :-) I guess that goes to show you that we are our own worst critics!

  • I’ve never seen you have to wipe/wash off excess paint. Are your hands that steady? If so, I am even more impressed!


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