Last Week in HaldeCraft

 I'm trying a little something new with the recap this week; I'd love feedback if you have any strong feelings about this layout as opposed to how I've done it in the past. Thanks, y'all.... and now, on to the goodies!

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Thank you, Mary! I hadn’t even thought of that - I was just trying to figure out how to make it easier to do. That’s good to know! Now, if I could only fit more than three on a line without breaking the page….! ;) Either that, or give up on listing them alphabetically, and list by shape of the teaser photo (it looks like I may be able to get four of the vertical ones in the same space I can get three of the horizontal ones…. that might make it more visually pleasing, and clean it up a bit…..).

Thanks! :-)


oh! I like this format better- I don’t have to click back and forth just to check price or something. :)

mary z

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