Works-in-Progress Wednesday

 This one's for Catherine! 

Here we have a two-part video on how I wind yarn into skeins after dyeing them. When I get undyed yarn sent to me, it generally comes in a 60" skein. But sometimes, in order to get the repeat I want, I rewind it into 72" skeins (such as Seaworthy, in this video example). But then I want to rewind it back into a smaller skein for a variety of reasons (seeing how the colors interplay, making everything a uniform size  for displays, and so on). 

The first video is setting up, and not getting very far before the yarn tangled. This happens about one out of every three skeins  I was going to show how I untangled it, but the batteries in the camera took that moment to die... so I untangled, changed out the batteries, and then went on to the second video. Sorry the second video is so dark -- I'm not really sure what my camera is trying to do. Next time I'll film when That Poor Man is home, and he can help me. 


Opening molds

Opening the kiln

Dyeing yarn

Cleaning greenware

Mermaid finishing touches

Glazing yarn mugs


Painting mermaids

Wrapping soap

Pouring greenware


Painting mushroom plaques

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Helpers! There must be something innately appealing about this process to cats. Calli murred at me, jumped up on my chest, and watched it with me. :)


Awesome! Even though it was dark I was still able to see how you do it. I cannot imagine how stiff you must get putting together sock clubs! Hooray, for the new electric winder and thus the longevity of your shoulder muscles.


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