Goddess Mugs

As a commission piece, I made six mugs for Wild Iris Books with their current logo on them. This was a new technique for me, and I learned much... mostly about not being afraid to try new things (or at least, being afraid and doing it anyway).

Scenes from a work day Scenes from a work day

Mugs are in! Only six!

Wild Iris mugs

There are only six of these mugs; four right-handed and two left-handed (so defined by which way the Goddess faces when you hold the mug in whichever hand). I am not sure what Wild Iris is charging for them, but there are only six. Well, five; one sold yesterday when I brought them in. As it is their logo, I will not be making these just to make them -- I did these six with their permission for logo use, and do not have the rights to make them for sale in my shop. So when I say they're limited, I really mean it. Want one? If you're local, swing by -- 802 West University Avenue; or if you're not local but need to have one you can call them; (352) 375-7477. They'll be happy to ship!

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