Good Morning Mugs

 As a business owner, I feel that if something sells - and people ask me for it when it's out of stock - I should definitely keep making that item. However, as an artist, I sometimes get tired of making things exactly the same way, in exactly the same color. After all, I am a human, and not a machine. I make everything by hand, and sometimes my hands get tired of repetition. 

Which brings me to these Good Morning mugs. I adore them. I am charmed by them. I have two of them, myself. Three, actually, if you count the one where the bird slid down the side during the firing, and stuck to the bottom -- I have that hanging on a hook on the back porch and it is filled with bird seed. 

But I do get tired of making them in the same two colors. So I've decided to phase those out, and make them for the rest of this year in the Pumpkin Spice color. If you're looking for one in Lemon Yellow or Clover Green and I'm already sold out, you're welcome to place a custom order... but they won't be showing up in those colors otherwise, any more. 

And who knows what color I'll bring in next year....? 

Thanks, y'all!

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