Animal-inside Surprise Mugs

As I said last week when talking about the "Good Morning" mugs, a business owner I feel that if something sells - and people ask me for it when it's out of stock - I should definitely keep making that item. However, as an artist, I sometimes get tired of making things exactly the same way, in exactly the same color. After all, I am a human, and not a machine. I make everything by hand, and sometimes my hands get tired of repetition.

I'm also limited in making these animal-inside mugs to how fast I can make the animals. I did just find a second turtle and frog mold, so that will speed things up a bit, but one other decision will double what I can make. See, the mold makes two turtles and two frogs; one large and one small of each one. I've only been using the small ones, and then pitching the large ones since I don't use them. I've decided to start using the large ones to make mugs as well, so now you will not only have a choice between left and right-handed mugs, but also between large and small turtles and frogs. 

In addition, and again similar to the Good Morning mugs, I am going to start making these in different colors. There are a lot of glazes I've been itching to try out, and I have to admit that even with as much as I love the color brown, I am getting tired of making so many Cocoa Brown mugs. This is Golden Horizon, shown above, and I also have some in Fire Luster (as well as any still left in either Spiced Cream or Cocoa Brown). Who knows what color I'll glaze when next I make these?! 

Lastly, I've also combined them, no matter left or right-handed, glaze color, or large or small animals, into a single frog listing and a single turtle listing

Thanks, y'all!

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@Julie – Hi! Thanks for commenting! Unfortunately I no longer make these mugs – that was about eight years ago. I might be able to do something similar, but in a different style of mug; feel free to contact me if you’d like to talk about a custom order!


Hey! Curious how much each mug costs and how to purchase them?


@Catherine – I “reclaimed” them. I have a large bucket in my studio and when I either have something that breaks or is otherwise non-functional, or extra parts, or slip overflow, or did I mention broken things…. I toss it all in the bucket, as long as it’s greenware. Then I add water and chemicals and BAM! that reclaimed slip can be reused.


This is very cool! I like that you will be trying new colors. Selfishly, when I read that you pitched the large ones, I wondered where they’d gone! Even if you only put the little guys in your family stockings during the Holidays they would be treasured!


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