This Week in HaldeCraft (ceramics and yarn)

Whether you're more into ceramics or more into yarn, I have something exciting for you this week! Of course, if (like me) you love both, you are doomed. I know I wanted to keep a number of things in this update for myself! 

First off, I'm surprising you a few days early with a new yarn color I had planned for June (but it's almost June, so, happy surprise bonus color!). The new color is Blue Sun, and don't let it being right next to Afternoon Skies on the yarn page fool you... it's actually much darker, much more rich than Afternoon Skies. Blue Sun will go quite well with Hogtown, Hogtown Special, and Seaworthy, for those of you looking for complimentary colors for heels and toes of socks, or trims on cardigans and pullovers. 

Also in yarn, I have a number of standard colorways that for some reason I've not had yet; Neapolitan in Marion for one, and six or seven other colors in the Tiptree base. 

In ceramics, there is both decorative and functional in this update; plaques, teapots, and some pieces for cat lovers, owl lovers, and sock monkey lovers.

Oh -- as usual, clicking the photo or the button that says "product info" will take you to that product's page so that you can read a little more about each individual item. 

Enjoy, and thanks, y'all!

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