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As I wrote about a year and a half ago (ah, time repeats itself!) I’ve been chewing this over for a couple of months now, and after a long heart-to-heart between my bills and my checkbook, I’m going to have to raise the prices on a few of my yarns - but not all! As of writing this, I have only increased prices once in seven years -- since then, I’ve taken four price increases on base yarn with only increasing my prices to you once; and sadly that’s now getting to the point where it’s not easy to turn a blind eye to. And I love what I do and would like to stay in business!

Starting next Monday (07/01) my prices will be going up by $1.00 on the following bases: Andre, Marion, Tepper, Tiptree, and Zelazny. This will NOT affect any current custom orders I have on the books, and the prices for Delany, Emma, Octavia, and a new base yarn, Moon (that I'll be releasing next week - SPOILER ALERT) will not be affected.

This will have a marginal effect on Yarn Club -
Personally I really love to give swag in my yarn club. Many times I try hard to match the swag to the yarn, or to the theme of the club. But lately I've been wanting to do things for swag that are a little beyond my reach. As such, both sock and worsted versions of the club will be increasing to $75. HOWEVER. Not everyone might be as into swag as I am, or might want to remain in club but only if it were priced the same. Thus, I will also, starting this next round, be offering a swag-free version of the club, and that price will actually go down, to $60. This will make six (6!) versions of the club available -- worsted with swag (fragranced), worsted with swag (no fragrance), worsted with no swag; sock with swag (fragranced), sock with swag (no fragrance), sock with no swag. I promise I have a plan in place for not switching these around, and that if you order sock with no swag, you won't really open your package to find a kitten. ;-)

I truly hope that this small increase will not discourage you from buying from me - my goal with the increase in cost is not to upset anyone, but to be able to continue with a sustainable business model. Like I said, I love what I do and would love to be able to continue to do it! Especially for y’all, because you’re awesome. Yes, I mean YOU!

Thanks, y’all!

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