New yarn at HaldeCraft: Moon

I've brought in a new luxury yarn, a sock/fingering weight 75% British BlueFaced Leicester/25% Nylon blend, called Moon. Moon comes in generous 464 yard skeins, and is on the lighter side of fingering weight. It has a very smooth feel to it, unlike some of my other plied yarns like Andre and Tiptree, so it fools the eye into thinking it's much thinner but in reality it's not that much more thin at all. If you've played around with my yarn, Zelazny, it behaves much like that when worked up. 

BlueFaced Leicester (BFL) is one of my favorite yarns to spin, because the staple is nice and long, giving the fiber a thinner draw that is still strong and doesn't wear out easily -- so great for socks and other hard-working garments. This imported British BFL is going to be the workhorse of my luxury line; it drinks in the dye, holds the color well, and (I can tell you from experience) holds up well to repeated ripping out and reworking. (Ahem.) BFL, as much as it might look sturdy and plain from a distance, has a subtle sheen to it that enhances the color and really makes it shine. 

Many years ago, at Hanks Yarn and Fiber, we carried the sister to this yarn, which did not have any nylon in it. I don't know if any long-time customers will remember the mill fire that wiped out our distributor's supply of BFL yarn, but they've long since recovered from that and for some reason I just never picked the yarn back up again. Earlier this year I was working with my other British BLF yarn, Octavia, and thought... "why do I not have more BFL? It's just about my favorite!" ... and thus the idea to bring some back was born. 

Right now I have about 22 of my 25 colorways available in this new base yarn, with the last few to come next time I go to dye yarn... and not to give anything away, but there's a chance club members may get to try this blend out some time soon. ;-)

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