Fresh.... er, somewhat fresh, From The HaldeKiln!

In an ideal world, this is my routine: work a little bit on ceramics Friday through Wednesday, loading up the kiln as I go. Fire the kiln Thursday. Unload the kiln Friday, first taking a picture of the entire firing, and then photographing each new item (or each wildly different replacement item) as I bring it into the house.

In the real world, the month of July was completely insane. Most Fridays - and you'll know this if you live in Gainesville - it's been raining, so I haven't been able to take good product photos since I use natural light as my source (I have a skylight right above my lightbox). The few times it's been sunny, I haven't always had time to drop what I was working on and spend a couple of hours photographing ceramics. I'm reluctant to post the entire kiln firing photo in case people say "mine! mine!" and I haven't gotten it listed yet (I hate to disappoint!).

And some things in the kiln still needed another round of paint, which meant that even if I had uploaded everything in a couple of the firings, most of one of the firings STILL wouldn't have been available, and wouldn't be until I finished glazing some things on my work table and put them in the kiln.... which I didn't have room for, because things were still sitting there because I didn't have room for them on my work table. Ahahahah! Joke's on me!!!!

This is all my long-winded way of saying that I'm really sorry, but here are four "Fresh from the HaldeKiln" photos, and not everything that you see in them is available yet. On the other hand, we've had a few hours here and there of sunny weather in the last couple of days so I'm almost caught up on product photos! And I'm not even kidding that as I wrote that, it got about ten shades darker outside and thunder rolled in. Oh, Florida, you're so funny. (I could never live in the Pacific Northwest, even with how beautiful it looks... I need the sunshine!)





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