Meet the new blog! Same as the old blog!

One thing I’ve missed since starting up HaldeCraft is a good blogging system. My little store does a lot, but “have a good blogging system” is not one of them. For about a year and a half now I’ve been missing categories, missing tags, missing the WP interface which I still use for my personal blog.

But to move? Move the blog… again? I used to blog about HaldeCraft on my personal blog, but was worried that the occasional dropping of an f-bomb or Yet Another Pet Picture might turn off customers. Plus, I wanted something a little more… combined. A little more streamlined. A little more “you’re already on the shop so here’s my blog”. So when I started moving off Etsy, I started using this blog that came with my shop, copying a lot of my old blog posts over to this new one.

A few months ago I thought maybe it was time to start thinking about moving, and since then I’ve been weighing “having an offsite blog” vs. “having a good blog.” I don't really have the energy to move everything again.... but I do miss having a blog that it's easy for people to comment on. I miss categories. I miss tags. I miss the blog being easily searchable and (frankly) pretty. But I do like the convenience of having the blog attached to my shop.

After a lot of going back and forth in my mind, I've gone ahead and moved the blog. You can find the new HaldeCraft blog here.

I don’t think I’m going to move many of the old posts over. I might bring a few over, like about the last week or so worth of posts, and the craft room organization posts – which I never finished because I wanted an automagically generated category for them, not to have to hand-link each previous post. I might resurrect Wordless Works-in-Progress Wednesday (now that I can have a category for them!) wherein I post a 1-3 minute video of me working on something during the week. But mostly I'm looking forward to having a blog that's easy on the eyes and maybe a little more communication-inspiring. Thanks, y'all!

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