March Meet the Maker 2018: Days 21-25

March Meet the Maker 2018: Days 21-25

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March Meet the Maker Day 22: Sketchbook & Lists. Well, I don't sketch, really, but I have lists out the wazoo. And I just so happen to be pouring over previous planners right now looking for some information I hid from myself, so here's a shot of what my lists look like. There are a couple of "sketches" there, and I use that term super loosely. One thing I do with yarn, when I'm doing multi-colors - especially complicated ones - is that I draw out the skein and then chart off what color I want where. And if I'm doing a craft show, often beforehand I will draw out what I want where... but it's not sketching in any traditional sense of the word! But like I said... lists? I'm the queen of lists. Even my lists have lists! (BTW, I did skip yesterday, Stories/A Day in the Life, since I haven't delved into Stories yet and I feel like I already inundate y'all with what my days are like!)

March Meet the Maker Day 23: Hands at work. It's super hard to take a picture of your hands at work when you work alone (I know I have The Studio Boys but they kept saying something about 'no thumbs' and 'more fresh kibble' so they were no help). So here's me working on one of my Police Call Box mugs!

March Meet the Maker Day 24: Achievements. Hmm. I don't really know what to call an achievement. Learning to throw after years of slipcasting? Finally getting into blacksmithing and not sucking at it? Getting into a craft show that I really love? Maybe when we bought this 15 acres with my art studio on it? Because that made me feel like I had achieved the next level of "work at home"... the one where you have a proper studio and not stuff strewn about the living room like a tornado of art.

March Meet the Maker Day 25: Being a maker means... To me, being a maker means never not learning; never not being curious about everything. Being a maker means that I am always looking at things and wondering how things work, or how I can make this or that or the other thing, or playing "what if" in my head. Being a maker means that I create the things that I do because I can't *not* make them.

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