New in the shop: The August 2018 mug

New in the shop: The August 2018 mug

I realized as I went to go list this that according to my calendar I wasn't supposed to list these until NEXT week.... however, I think it'd play out like Mutiny on the Bounty if I didn't, because people have been following this mug pretty closely.

Hoard your favorite beverages like a dragon hoards gold! This beautiful purple, gold, and green dragon wants to watch over your morning cuppa with dignity and power (don't tell him he's just as cute as a widdle button, he's got a reputation as a mighty warrior to uphold!).

Approximate Height: 4 inches Approximate Width: 3 inches at lip of mug Approximate Weight: 12 ounces Will Hold Approximately: 15 ounces of liquid

This limited edition mug will be available here until sold out. Thanks, y'all!

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