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Joe Haldeman

Forever Peace

Forever Peace

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Forever Peace, by Joe Haldeman (autographed)

FOREVER PEACE An Ace Book Published by the Berkley Publishing Group, a member of Penguin Putnam, Inc Hardcover First Edition: October 1997. It won the Nebula Award, Hugo Award and John W. Campbell Memorial Award in 1998.

In the year 2043, the Ngumi War rages. Limited nuclear strikes have been used on Atlanta and two enemy cities, but the war goes on, fought by “soldierboys”—indestructible war machines run by remote control by soldiers hundreds of miles away.

Julian Class is one of these soldiers, and for him, war is indeed hell. The psychological strain of being jacked-in to his soldierboy — and the genocidal results — are becoming too much to bear. For Julian, it might be worth dying just to stop living.

Now he and his lover, Dr. Amelia Harding, have made a terrifying scientific discovery that could literally put the universe back to square one.

For Julian, however, the discovery isn’t terrifying. It’s tempting…


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