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Joe Haldeman

The Long Habit of Living

The Long Habit of Living

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The Long Habit of Living, by Joe Haldeman (autographed)

THE LONG HABIT OF LIVING New English Library. British First Edition hardcover 1989 (published in the USA as BUYING TIME )

Dallas Barr is a wealthy playboy in a world where wealth can buy eternal youth -- but the terms are steep and non-negotiable: all of your money every ten years, and don't walk through the door with less than a million pounds. Dallas is one of the oldest people on Earth, one of the original Stileman Immortals.

You have to have a knack for making money fast, or accept your three score and ten.
Dallas has that knack, but also a propensity for asking the wrong questions and an unwillingness to be pushed around. Immortals start dying under suspicious circumstances, and it becomes obvious that Dallas is at the top of the list. He goes underground to try to solve the mystery before his time runs out. The killers follow him.


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