March Meet the Maker 2018: Days 26-31

March Meet the Maker 2018: Days 26-31

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March Meet the Maker Day 26: Books, Blogs, and Podcasts. Yes, please! Except I know I'm going to leave something out - I hate doing lists like this on the fly. I always think of six more things I should have said after I hit "post". Books? Anything by Sheri Tepper; Jane Yolen; Ursula LeGuin; Charles DeLint; Roger Zelazny; Tana French; Jonathan Carroll; Elizabeth Moon; or those Haldeman boys. Blogs? Well, there's mine, of course, but also I, Asshole; Book View Cafe; Myth & Moor; and Wave Without a Shore. Podcasts? The Nerdist (wait, the name actually just changed earlier this year to Id10t); My Favorite Murder; 2 Dope Queens; Oh, No, Ross and Carrie; and Futility Closet. And I will probably add about sixteen more things in the comments that I'll think of after I post this. Gah, the pressure!

March Meet the Maker Day 27: Recommend a Maker. Blargh, just one?! OK! My friend @phoenixfiredesigns! We've not ever actually met in person, although we've been "Internet Friends" for going on ... I don't know, like, fifteen years?! Seems like forever. She's awesome and makes the loveliest things (and I'm not just saying that because I own a few pieces and buy others as gifts!).

March Meet the Maker Day 28: Organized. HAHAHAHAHAHAH ::breathe:: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH ::gasp for breath:: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ::sobs:: You can't do what I do without being organized, but let me tell you... I am just not feeling it this week. I know I'm going to look through everyone else's photos today and see their perfect desks with a place for everything and everything in its place, or their perfect bullet journals with exquisite doodles and fancy lettering, or their all-white living rooms with fluffy couches and craftily placed throw cushions and cats that don't shed and... well, this photo is for that one other person out there who is sometimes holding it together by sheer will. I feel ya. You are not alone. Organized. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

March Meet the Maker Day 29: Community. I will forever be humbled by the community that's sprung up around my craft over on Ravelry. Crocheters, knitters, spinners, weavers, lovers of all types of yarn and yarn crafts, appreciators of everything handmade from cookies to quilts... I've seen the people in my little group knit baby gifts for each other, send each other Christmas and birthday and "get well soon" gifts, they've cheered each other on through celebration and held each other up when hard times threaten. I am amazed every day that these caring, talented, witty, intelligent people stand near me.

Oops! I meant to pre-write this and post the last two of these before going away Friday. So. Hey! March Meet the Maker Day 30: Top Tip/Advice. When I was about ten years old, we lived less than a block away from an elementary school. I went there for the 5th grade, and also used to go play in the playground on the weekends (hey, it was the 70's, nobody knew how dangerous free range children were back then). The closest (and most fun) of the two playgrounds was the one for Kindergarteners, and sometimes I would run into one of the Kindergarten teachers when she'd come work over the weekend. We'd talk sometimes, and one of the last times I saw her, she said "you have a really powerful imagination. Don't let anybody ever tell you 'no'." I've always took that to heart and it's the advice I'd like to share. She didn't, and I don't, mean it in a "be a total dick to everyone and never take NO for an answer"... but in a "don't let anyone tell you that your ideas aren't good enough" kind of way. You matter. Your ideas are valid and important. Never let anyone tell you that they aren't.

March Meet the Maker Day 31: Creative Friends. All of my friends are creative, even the ones that think they don't have a creative bone in their bodies. Every one of my friends has a creative talent - they bake. They sew. They knit. They crochet. They spin. They weave. They garden. They cook. They teach. They think of different ways to do things. They tell damn good stories. They play instruments. They play complicated sports. They have great imaginations. They are good at finding new ways to overcome obstacles. Every single friend I have is creative in some way.

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